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This page will be used to provide neuroscience and neuroanatomy learning materials, including free interactive brain anatomy quizzes.


Please check back soon... new material will be added to this page shortly. In the meantime, why not download the Neurocourses UK crossword, test yourself with our 40-question brain anatomy "spotter" and 20-item neuroanatomy quiz?

Neurocourses crossword
Adobe Acrobat document [356.3 KB]

Instructions  The quiz consists of 40 neuroanatomical questions which appear in a random order. For each question you have to find the anatomical structure indicated, place a hotspot on the image where you think it is, then click 'submit' to check your answer. Once you have answered all of the questions you can review the quiz and see all the correct answers.

Instructions  The quiz consists of 20 neuroanatomical questions which appear in a random order. The questions are of different types including true/false, multiple choice and matching questions.

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